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It's Spring; Why not reinvent yourself?

Check out this inspiring article.
It's SPRING! Let's start this season off fresh and new, by reinventing ourselves!
NetworkYour Way to Success
by KellyOrchard on April 16th, 2013
Networkingis an area of professional and personal development that has never been aproblem for me.
I’vealways been considered a “social butterfly.” Socializing comes easy for me,whether in-person or online…I’m a ‘connector’, a ‘hub’, even a ‘bird-dog’.
At least,that’s how I was once referred to by a colleague when I was effectively workingin the field of non-traditional marketing and putting different companiestogether with a common cause or marketing purpose, when others didn’t see theconnection.
Reinventing Yourself is a Necessary Process
Nowadays I’m in a season of reinvention…
Just like many people are in today’s world of economic downturn,business difficulties, relationship struggles, personal growth, spiritualshifts, and life-changes.
I don’tknow anybody who is happy and satisfied with the “status quo” – we’re all working toward improvement, growth, change; something different than what we have right now.
Itdoesn’t mean we’re all dissatisfied with what we have today, but our soulscontinually seek growth and change, it’s natural.
Springalways brings forth a sense of re-birth, renewal, and of course, reinvention.
Reinventingmyself was borne of a medical crisis that changed the personal and professionalpath that I was on.
Manypeople I know have experienced an event that has derailed their life – whetherit is a chronic illness, death of a loved one, loss of a relationship, job lossor dissatisfaction with the choices that they’ve made.
‘Changeis the one constant we can count on’. It has become one of my favorite phrases.No matter what season of life you find yourself in, there’s one thing we allhave in common…
Change Will Happen
Irecently attended a large convention for broadcast professionals.
I haveworked in the field of broadcast since I was a teen, and of course – a goodmajority of those years were spent learning how to navigate in the world ofbusiness.
It’sessential for me to network in the field of media professionals, and I found my way toward like-minded people who believe thatbroadcasters would benefit from someone with my skills and passion.
You see,not only do I understand the business of broadcasting and the challengesbroadcasters face today, but I’m also a trained mental health professional,with experience in organizational psychology and life-strategies based on apersonal perspective.
Ipractice what I preach!
It wasn’tvery long ago that I made the shift from media to mental health, but onlyrecently did I have a major “aha” moment that provided me with the idea toblend the two careers.
I findthat allowing myself the freedom to reinvent myself gives me the freedom to bepassionate about what I do.
So, howto you renew, refresh, reinvent yourself?
Are youfeeling stuck in a career you don’t want to be in anymore?
Are youstuck in a relationship that doesn’t work?
Have youexperienced some sort of life-derailing event that has changed yourperspective, your passion, or your goals?
Trust me,EVERYBODY has something in their life that affects them on a deep level.
Even theperson who appears to have it all – might just be the one person that is hidingthe biggest unhappiness.
Don’tjudge that person’s achievements or perceived happiness by what you see. The point is – the only thing any of us can count on is CHANGE.
Here are some tips for effectively networking your way to reinvention:
1.Identify what you’re passionate about and pursue it without fear.
Mypassion is media and mental health.
I havespent an entire career in media, and found that I really love mental health –organizational leadership, psychology, grief and loss, personal andprofessional development and individual coaching and counseling.
Iinvested in my education and training, and took the time to learn a new craft.
It tookcommitment, courage of my convictions, and a willingness to be humble enough tostart again – including stepping out of my comfort zone in order to reinvent mycareer path.
2. Behumble enough to ask questions, seek a mentor and learn from others.
No matterhow old you are or how long you’ve been in business, there’s always somethingnew to learn and people to learn from.
I’ve beenseeking mentors to guide me through every step of the process from the verybeginning.
When Ifirst began, my Dad was my mentor, and then it was other business professionalsin Victorville.
Inschool, I benefited from the wisdom of my professors, and now, I continue toseek out others who I feel will help me get to the next step in the process ofreinvention and growth.
I ask questions,I don’t expect to know all the answers — but what I do expect is to findsomething new to learn.
3.Network, network, network.
I can’tstress the importance of professional networking enough.
Half ofyour success will come from what you know.
The otherhalf will come from WHO you know.
I loveall my social networking activities, as cumbersome and time consuming as ittends to be, and I have learned to manage it within my own capabilities andtime constraints
I knowthat I can’t spend my entire day consumed with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Pinterest and Google, but I’ve learned that neither can anybody else.
Networkingin real life with warm bodies is still the most important part of reinvention.For instance – I am connected to many professionals in LinkedIn. I know them bytheir picture, their profile and industry.
While Iwas attending the broadcast convention, I paid a fee to be part of a networkingevent, and wouldn’t you know – a lot of these professionals that I’ve connectedwith
on socialnetworks were there, live and in-person! And the best part was, they alreadyknew me!
Dive in to What You’rePassionate About
If you’rein a season of reinvention, which many of us are – don’t get stuck doing thesame old things you’ve always done.
Step out of your comfort zone, be willing to humble yourself to learnsomething new, and network with others who share your passion.
Reinventionis possible, so go for it!
About theAuthor:
Kelly Orchard is acracker jack change agent, business consultant, author, motivational publicspeaker, coach, marketing professional and Co-Host for It’s All About Women.
Aftermore than 30 years in broadcasting and sales and marketing, a serious healthcrisis and life-derailing event served as the catalyst for Kelly to make amajor career change. Kelly obtained her Master’s degree in Psychology with anemphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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