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The CPPC Centre Nominated for Customer Service Award!!
We All Have Pain
What is Our Task
12 Principles for Attitudinal Healing
It's Spring; Why not reinvent yourself?


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The CPPC Centre Nominated for Customer Service Award!!

I am very honoured to announce that the Carleton Place Positive Change Centre has been nominated for the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce 'Customer Service ' award!
My business is built on customer service, but confidentiality is paramount, so it's often difficult to let people know about our excellent level of customer service and satisfaction.
Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce for recognizing the quality provided in my practice and to the member who nominated me.
There are several other excellent businesses also nominated in this category and I applaud all of them.

We All Have Pain

Title: We All Have Pain, It's How We Handle It that Defines Us.

I was speaking with a client this week, about the statement,

" We've all suffered, had trauma and losses. It's how we handle them that defines us."

I'm not sure who said that, but they made a good point.

How do we choose to handle the pain, loss and trauma in our lives?

These things are part of life. How we learn to cope with them will shape our experience.

I so often see people causing themselves more pain and/or becoming hopeless simply by choosing to cope with difficult circumstances, in a reactive, short-sighted way.

What is Our Task

What if our task is the journey?

Our western society is very task-oriented. This was ‘the new world’; our ancestors came here pursuing change; to start a new life that was different and hopefully better than the one they had left behind.

We are by nature, a forward looking people. We anticipate the next new development, next season, next scientific advancement. We teach our children to move forward, to strive, to achieve.

All these things are important and necessary goals, but the flip side of all this drive towards progress, is that sometimes, we are so focused on moving forward, we totally miss the joys of where we are presently.

12 Principles for Attitudinal Healing

12 Principles for Attitudinal Healing.
Today let’s think about things we can do to become more happy, content, at peace.
I’ve recently been reading some of the work of Dr. Lee Jampolsky (Psychologist and author).
He believes and I agree, that we don’t have to make huge, dramatic changes in our lives to improve our happiness and well-being (as well as that of those around us). It’s the little, kind, consistent things we do that can make all the difference in achieving peace of mind.

It's Spring; Why not reinvent yourself?

Check out this inspiring article.
It's SPRING! Let's start this season off fresh and new, by reinventing ourselves!
NetworkYour Way to Success
by KellyOrchard on April 16th, 2013
Networkingis an area of professional and personal development that has never been aproblem for me.
I’vealways been considered a “social butterfly.” Socializing comes easy for me,whether in-person or online…I’m a ‘connector’, a ‘hub’, even a ‘bird-dog’.
At least,that’s how I was once referred to by a colleague when I was effectively workingin the field of non-traditional marketing and putting different companiestogether with a common cause or marketing purpose, when others didn’t see theconnection.

Start Today, To Make A Better Tomorrow!

Write your post here.
I would like to share with you a concept first developed by Dr. Hans Selye, because I think it is crucial to maintaining personal mental/emotional health.
Our society teaches us that 'selfishness' is a character flaw or inappropriate behaviour. I agree that in the extreme, or to the extent that it oppresses or hurts someone else, it is.
However, Dr. Selye wrote about a concept he called "altruistic selfishness" and this kind of selfishness is something that we all need to be healthy and function optimally.
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