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Carleton Place Positive Change Centre

Allison Adamovits M.S.W, R.S.W.


12 Principles for Attitudinal Healing

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 10:01 PM
12 Principles for Attitudinal Healing.
Today let’s think about things we can do to become more happy, content, at peace.
I’ve recently been reading some of the work of Dr. Lee Jampolsky (Psychologist and author).
He believes and I agree, that we don’t have to make huge, dramatic changes in our lives to improve our happiness and well-being (as well as that of those around us). It’s the little, kind, consistent things we do that can make all the difference in achieving peace of mind.
Dr. Jampolsky suggests 12 principles to keep in mind/practise to achieve ‘attitudinal healing’.
Principle One; The essence of our being is LOVE. To feel loved we must feel truly heard and to give love we must listen actively and authentically.
Principle Two; Health IS inner peace and healing Is letting go of fear.
Principle Three; Giving and receiving are the same thing. If you give unconditional love, you will receive it.
Principle Four; We CAN let go of the past and the future.
Principle Five; NOW is the only time there is and each moment is for giving.
Principle Six; We can learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving rather than judging.
Principle Seven; We can become love finders rather than fault finders.
Principle Eight; We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside regardless of what’s happening outside.
Principle Nine; We are both students and teachers of each other.
Principle Ten; We can focus on the whole of life rather than the fragments.
Principle Eleven; Since love is eternal, death need not be viewed with fear.
Principle Twelve; We can always perceive ourselves and others as either extending love or calling for help.
Think about these ideas and how they could make a difference in your attitude toward life and therefore your life itself.
 Practise these principles of attitudinal healing daily.
 If ever you can’t think of a reason to smile, know that the solution is within you always: To Extend Love.
If you want to smile form your heart, do something kind with no expectation of recognition or reward.
All we need to do is share kindness, show compassion and understanding to those we know and all those we don’t, including all of nature.
Dr Jampolskys’ thinking is very similar to the concept of  'paying it forward’.
Choose one person you know and one person you don’t know, and do something kind for them without letting them know it was you. It’s fun. It will make you feel happier and one person at a time, it will change the world.
May we all smile upon each other and know we are loved.

Categories: Positive Personal Change

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Reply Jeannie Mongrain
2:15 AM on October 10, 2013 
Great blog Allison! Loved your message. Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone could master even two of these principles? Cheers!
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Jeannie Mongrain says...
Great blog Allison! Loved your message. Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone could master even two of these principles? Cheers!

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Jeannie Mongrain says...
Great blog Allison! Loved your message. Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone could master even two of these principles? Cheers!

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